Personal Computer

an extended definition essay

by Clyde Marc L. Garcia



Computer always comes into minds of people when hear the word “technology”. In early times, counting machines lacked the kind of technology that we now have today. Currently, PCs are widely used by people to reduce and save time when doing different tasks particularly computing. People are never contented with what they have and so they continue searching for more possible improvements. The arrival of inexpensive and readily available Personal Computer and its combination with communication such as by the use of networks have dramatically expanded computer application (Computer). Typically, the PC is what everyone thinks of first. A PC is an inexpensive programmable machine powered by microprocessor technology; it is designed for an individual user capable of processing information and performing calculations and instructions.

            PC can be compared to other types of computer but they differ in performing calculations and processes. PC, the most common type of computer, together with other types of computer such as minicomputer, mainframe, and supercomputer are all used to process data and execute instructions and information but they don’t have the same level of capabilities in supporting users. PC is a computer designed for an individual user while the other types can support multiple users at once and can perform billions of calculations as well as processing billions of instructions in just a second (Computer Definition). A PC as a whole is smaller, less expensive and easier to use than supercomputers, mainframe and minicomputers, which usually have more computational power, nevertheless it is still larger and more powerful than a handheld computer. A handheld computer is a portable computing device that is small enough to be held in one’s hand and the most popular handheld computers are those PDAs and Smartphones that provide Personal Information Manager function (PIM) like calendar. Technically, PC is more advance in terms of performance and can store huge amount of data that a handheld computer cannot afford to store. A PC accords its power to execute programs simultaneously while handheld computers execute its programs one at a time. However, PC and handheld computers are both powered by microprocessors.

            PC which runs in microprocessor technology was the outcome of advances in technology. Microprocessor is the central processing unit (CPU), known as the brain of the computer. Before the modern day computer became available, abacus was regarded as one of the first counting machines. Also, Papyrus helped early man in recording languages, numbers and other information but it is not that productive as what we now have today (History of Computers). Today’s computers are all based in a microprocessor technology that caused manufacturer of computer to place an entire processing unit on one chip only which we now call the brain or the CPU of the computer. Before the arrival of microprocessor, CPUs were made of vacuum tubes that needed great amount of power and continual maintenance because the tubes burned out frequently. As a solution to this, transistor was introduced because of its potential to work faster and more reliable and to consume less power than vacuum tubes. The development doesn’t stop there until chips were demonstrated that made us possible to have a notebook-size PC.

            PCs are related to business, education and playing games at home. In the field of business, PCs are being used in word processing, accounting, desktop publishing and for running spreadsheet and database management applications (Personal Computer). Apparently, big time businessmen always have their own PC wherever they go and it is very useful to them. PC keeps them connected with their businesses especially to their clients. Likewise, PCs are very significant to students for it helps one’s work be more productive, and it lessens the burden of accomplishing several tasks. However, PCs at home are used most frequently used for playing games and multimedia experiences.

            The PC makes full use of the advances of technology to reduce effort to a minimum and support users in performing computer related tasks. PCs powered by microprocessor technology are very useful to users especially in the fields of education and business. It helps students do their requirements for schooling in a very productive way; it helps them in doing multimedia presentations and other tasks related to the capabilities of computer. PC is a small computer compared to supercomputers, mainframe and the like yet a convenient and powerful machine in handling calculations and instructions. It may be limited to a single user unlike other types of computer which can support multiple users at once. But the greatest advantage of PC is its competence for travelling because other types of computer are big enough to travel. Due to this ability of PC and with the help of network, businessmen are always connected with their transactions even around the globe.


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